03 Oct “Attorney Gocha Creates Scholarship for the National Theatre of the Deaf”

Oakland Law Group attorney, Alan Gocha provides a new scholarship to the world-renowned National Theatre of the Deaf (NTD) – “The Gocha Theatre Immersion Program Scholarship.”

The Theatre Immersion Program is available for high school-aged theatre connoisseurs who are aspiring towards a career in the arts. This ten-day summer program offers students training opportunities in the National Theatre of the Deaf’s (NTD’s) American Sign Language (ASL).

“Establishing this scholarship not only allows us to expand our enrollment, but it also can be a beacon for other benefactors and donors to this program and to enable the NTD to continue its great efforts to bring the beauty of American Sign Language to hearing and deaf audiences, young and old.” – Betty Beekman, executive director of NTD.

The National Theatre of the Deaf was established in 1967 during a crucial time in American history when closed caption tv did not exist yet. NTD’s graduates went on to experience fame and success performing in both American Sign Language (ASL) and English.

Early in Gocha’s career as a lawyer, he had seen American Sign Language in use but only recently became aware of the work of the National Theatre of the Deaf.


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