24 Feb New Michigan Law Substitutes “Trooper” For “Policewoman”

According to a new Michigan law, all police officers will be referred to as “troopers”. The state legislature decided to drop the term “policewoman” because it is an outdated term that can be traced to a time when female police officers were paid less than men. Usage of “policewoman” started in 1976. Female police officers who were quoted in the news articles regarding the new law approved of the change in terminology. This law made me wonder about enforceability. What are the consequences of not following the law? If there are none, then presumably, the law cannot be enforced. If a law cannot be enforced, is it a law in practical terms? This blog post is not meant to mock the law. There are many laws that are frequently not enforced due to limited police resources or changes in law enforcement priorities. Additionally, many laws are passed to reflect changes in societal values.

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