Alan Gocha’s Professional Projects

Alan Gocha has led a wide range of projects throughout the course of his career. Below are some highlighted projects that demonstrate Alan’s leadership, legal acumen and project management experience.


During his tenure at a private corporation, Alan Gocha served as the Vice President and General Counsel. In this capacity, he advised the CEO and CTO and was the liaison to the Board of Directors. Alan coordinated legal work among several law firms and oversaw their work performance. He was responsible for negotiating, structuring and consummating 14 acquisitions in 11 months. Alan Gocha also maintained an intellectual property portfolio and negotiated significant technology licensing agreements.


While working for a law firm, Alan Gocha served as Partner and performed a wide range of transactional work. He completed mergers and acquisitions, oversaw complex real estate transactions, structured licensing and vendor agreements and served as mentor to junior attorneys.


As Deputy General Counsel of a major chain store, Alan Gocha managed the company’s real estate portfolio. He created a §1031 tax-free exchange program for the company’s real estate dispositions, oversaw real estate acquisitions valued at $300 million and directed dispositions worth approximately $1 billion. Alan Gocha had managerial responsibility of the work of over 100 law firms and effectively reduced costs incurred due to reliance on law firms. He supervised a staff of 7 lawyers, 2 legal assistants and 2 administrative assistants.


As the General Counsel of a Michigan limited liability company, Alan Gocha created a legal department in which he supervised 7 attorneys and 2 legal assistants. He also established a team to negotiate and prepare legal documents related to financings, partnerships, acquisitions, joint ventures and leasing. Alan was intimately involved in the day-to-day decision making pertaining to legal strategy.